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Imagine developing your career at an organization that combines technological innovation, policy and partnership development, scientific research and data analysis to help facilitate fair and sustainable use of our ocean. Come join our growing and multicultural team of experts in an all-remote, globally distributed workforce as we seek to ensure a healthy, productive and resilient ocean.

Global Fishing Watch is an equal opportunity employer committed to providing an inclusive, respectful and supportive environment for all employees and partners, vendors, suppliers and contractors, irrespective of race, gender, religion or belief, age, disability or sexual orientation. Our mission is best advanced when welcoming the contributions of people of diverse backgrounds, beliefs and cultures. 

Working for Global Fishing Watch

Fully Remote

Spread across multiple time zones, we are a globally distributed team of professionals that resides in more than a dozen countries. We are represented by different cultures and different native languages, bringing together a variety of proficiencies and backgrounds. Remote work is a core aspect of our culture, so we aim to hire motivated people with the right skills who have a passion for the mission—wherever we can find them.

Innovative Culture
Our success results from a creative, agile and fast-paced work environment. We move from concept to delivery with a flexible planning approach that is underpinned by high autonomy, connectivity and collaboration across the team.
Competitive Compensation

At Global Fishing Watch, we prioritize the well-being of our staff members and want them to feel appreciated for their time and efforts. We offer a competitive and fair compensation package based on an individual's expertise, responsibilities and location. We provide exciting opportunities for staff to develop their careers and advance within the organization.

Training and development
Global Fishing Watch is committed to the professional cultivation of all staff and encourages growth within the organization. Through our training and development initiative, we seek to nurture our employees and equip them with the skills, techniques and training they need to grow professionally.

Our Core Benefits

Health insurance

Global Fishing Watch offers its employees a wide range of health insurance packages and supplemental benefits, like life insurance, dental and vision, all of which are contingent on the country an employee is based. More details about these benefits will be provided to prospective staff during the recruitment process.

Annual office closure

Each December, Global Fishing Watch closes its virtual doors for a year-end break. This closure amounts to roughly one additional week of paid time off each year.

Flexible work hours

We value the work-life balance of our team members and that's why we believe in flexible working hours over set working hours—asynchronous communication over synchronous communication. Our focus is on the outputs of the work we do rather than the number of hours spent achieving them.

Parental leave

We want everyone at Global Fishing Watch to be able to successfully balance their careers and family obligations. The birth or adoption of a child is an extraordinary moment in a parent's life—and so is the time following it. We are proud to extend our paid parental leave and flexible work arrangements to both parents, following the arrival of a new family member and in compliance with local regulations.

Paid time off

All employees accrue vacation time based on a 40-hour work week. We respect the applicable laws in each country but offer a base package of 15 vacation days per year. Vacation accrual increases regularly based on seniority, up to 25 days of leave. Our paid time off is complemented by existing policies around sick and personal leave, bereavement, jury duty and parental leave.

Home office set-up

Global Fishing Watch understands that virtual work can be challenging, and we hope to make it easier for our staff by providing team members with the tools they need to work remotely. We offer a stipend to set up a home workspace that includes a laptop, monitor and home office accessories.

Where We Work

We are a globally distributed team of professionals. There is no central office—most of us work from home, from a local co-working space or wherever in the world we happen to find ourselves. This means flexible hours, a great deal of personal autonomy and no commute, which reduces our carbon footprint. It also means that the tools and best practices we use to stay connected and focused on the mission are extremely important.

Languages Spoken

Our People Make the Mission Possible

Global Fishing Watch staff describe their work to ensure a healthy, productive and resilient ocean where transparency drives fair and effective governance of marine resources.

From helping countries tackle management issues to the camaraderie found between colleagues, team members share their most memorable moments at the organization.

Thanks to an all-remote workforce and globally distributed staff, Global Fishing Watch is able to employ motivated people with diverse proficiencies and backgrounds.

GFW staff share their experiences and contributions in advancing ocean governance through increased transparency of human activity at sea.

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