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Agenda Capita Selecta:"Diving medicine"
Academic Medical Center (AMC), Amsterdam

  • 18-03-2017 [AMC; Amsterdam]
    • Diving disorders other than decompression illness
      • Mattijn Buwalda: Exhaustion, hypothermia and drowning; Injuries and gas toxities.
      • Hans van Dam: Dangerous marine animals.
      • Arjan van Henten: Barotrauma of the lung.
      • Cees Meeuwis: ENT barotrauma,
      • Rienk Rienks: Cardial disorders and hyperthermia.
    • Flyer Diving disorders
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  • 6 - 13 May 2017 [Marsa Shagra, Egypt]
    • 2nd Mini-Congress Diving Medicine
      • Adel Taher: Technical and rebreather diving: the medical hazards (double lecture).
      • Jean Claude Le P├ęchon: Evolution of SCUBA diving: technical and physiological aspects; Hazards of CO2 and O2.
      • Mattijn Buwalda: Decompression strategies of aquatic mammals: what do we learn of them.
      • Rienk Rienks: Cardiovascular aging of divers.
      • Nico Schellart: Does diving affects spirometric indices?
      • Marga Schweigmann: Cave and wreck diving.
      • Peter Westerweel:Diving with antihypertensiva.
    • Flyer Marsa Shagra
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  • 4-11-2017 [AMC, Amsterdam]
    • Diving Medicine: Disorders of the Head
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